Pantheon Paris vs. Pantheon Rome- which is the best

Paris Pantheon and Rome Pantheon are iconic structures that have captured the imagination of people worldwide. 

While both share a name and impressive architecture, they offer a unique experience. 

Paris Pantheon showcases French history and culture, while Rome Pantheon, a marvel of ancient Roman engineering, is a testament to the past. 

To determine the best, let’s explore their history, design, and significance, helping you decide which Pantheon speaks to your heart.

Let’s find out which is the best- Pantheon Paris vs. Pantheon Rome.

Pantheon Paris vs. Pantheon Rome- our recommendation

It is a hard decision to make- Pantheon Paris vs. Pantheon Rome. 

For a well-rounded experience, we recommend you consider exploring both if time allows. 

But if you must choose one, let your interests guide you. 

If you’re a history enthusiast and want to immerse yourself in the grandeur of ancient Rome, the Rome Pantheon is a must-visit. 

Its iconic dome and historical significance make it a unique experience.

On the other hand, if you appreciate neoclassical architecture, the Paris Pantheon won’t disappoint. 

It’s a stunning building with intricate artwork and serves as the final resting place for many influential French figures, offering a glimpse into French history.

Ticket Prices

To gain entry into the Pantheon of Paris, you must purchase an admission ticket. The Paris Panthéon entry ticket costs € 12 above the age of 18. 

Similarly, for the Pantheon in Rome, the entry ticket starts from  € 17 per person below the age of 99. 

AttractionTicket price Ticket link
Paris Pantheon€ 12Buy this ticket 
Rome Pantheon€ 17Buy this ticket

You can buy the entry tickets to each attraction online or at the counter. We recommend you buy your Pantheon entry ticket online for a smooth visit!

What to see at Pantheon, Paris

The Pantheon in Paris is a breathtaking monument that’s a must-see for anyone visiting the City of Lights. This iconic building has a rich history and offers plenty to explore.

As you step inside, you will be greeted by an excellent interior with towering columns and a stunning dome. 

The Pantheon is a mausoleum, housing the final resting places of France’s most prominent figures, including Voltaire, Rousseau, and Victor Hugo. 

It’s a place to pay homage to these great minds and reflect on their contributions to literature, philosophy, and politics.

The artwork and architecture are equally impressive. Be sure to admire the beautiful frescoes and sculptures that adorn the interior. 

The Pantheon also offers a panoramic view of Paris from its dome, making it a great spot for photos and a unique perspective on the city.

So, whether you are interested in history and art or simply enjoy stunning views, the Pantheon is a top attraction in Paris you won’t want to miss.

What to see at Pantheon, Rome

What to see at Pantheon Rome
Photo by Nelson Rodz on Unsplash

When you visit the Pantheon in Rome, you’re in for a treat of ancient wonder.

This incredible building, over 2,000 years old, is a must-see destination. 

You will first notice the massive dome, a true architectural marvel. 

It’s the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world and looks just as impressive today as it did in ancient times.

Once inside, you will be struck by the grandeur of the Pantheon’s interior. 

The oculus, a hole in the dome’s center, allows sunlight to stream in, creating a breathtaking play of light and shadows. It’s a photographer’s dream!

The Pantheon also serves as the final resting place for some notable individuals, including the famous painter Raphael. 

Don’t forget your camera – you will want to capture this ancient beauty!

Crowds at the Paris Pantheon and Rome Pantheon

Pantheon Paris vs Pantheon Rome in terms of the crowds are starkly different in size. 

In Paris, around 700,000 visitors come to see the Pantheon each year. That’s like filling up a big stadium multiple times! 

People visit to admire the beautiful architecture and to pay respects to famous French figures like Voltaire and Victor Hugo, whose remains are housed there.

Meanwhile, over in Rome, the Pantheon draws an even larger crowd. 

It’s estimated that more than 8 million tourists visit the Roman Pantheon annually. That’s like filling a huge concert arena over and over again! 

People flock to Rome’s Pantheon to marvel at its ancient history and the famous dome. It’s also a special place because it’s been standing for nearly 2,000 years.

So, when it comes to the number of visitors, Rome’s Pantheon definitely takes the cake with its much larger crowd than Paris.

Paris Pantheon vs Rome Pantheon- final verdict

The Paris Pantheon and the Rome Pantheon are both fantastic buildings, but they are different in their own ways. 

The Paris Pantheon in France is a beautiful neoclassical structure with a stunning dome. 

It houses the remains of many famous French figures, making it a place of national pride. 

You can explore its rich history and admire the intricate artwork inside.

On the other hand, the Rome Pantheon, in Italy, is an ancient marvel known for its perfect dome and remarkable architecture. 

It was originally a temple dedicated to Roman gods and is a testament to ancient engineering skills. 

Tourists can marvel at its grandeur and the famous oculus, a hole in the roof that lets in sunlight.

Ultimately, it’s hard to pick a winner between these two Pantheons. 

The Paris Pantheon impresses with its artistic beauty and historical significance, while the Rome Pantheon wows with its ancient ingenuity. 

Rome Pantheon vs Paris Pantheon – FAQs

Is it worth seeing the Pantheon Paris?

The Pantheon in Paris is worth seeing for its historical significance, stunning neoclassical architecture, and as the final resting place of notable French figures.

What is the difference between the Roman Pantheon and Paris Pantheon?

The Roman Pantheon is an ancient temple in Rome, while the Paris Pantheon is a neoclassical mausoleum in Paris. 

The Roman Pantheon dates back to antiquity and honors Roman gods, while the Paris Pantheon houses notable French figures and showcases neoclassical architecture.

Is the Pantheon in Italy or France?

The Pantheon is in both Italy and France. 

The ancient Roman Pantheon is in Italy, specifically in Rome, while the Paris Pantheon, a neoclassical building, is located in France, in Paris.

What is so special about the Pantheon in Rome?

The Pantheon in Rome is renowned for its remarkable dome, which was an engineering marvel in ancient times. 

It’s also notable for its historical significance as a former Roman temple and its well-preserved architecture, attracting visitors from around the world.

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