How to reach Paris Pantheon

The Paris Pantheon is at Pl. du Panthéon, 75005 Paris, France. | Get Directions

Accessing this historic site is a breeze, thanks to the city’s well-connected transportation network, including train, metro, and bus options.

The different public transportation options and availability of parking spots near Paris Pantheon make travel convenient.

For those willing to drive, you can use the Paris Pantheon map for directions.

Here are the details of how to reach Paris Pantheon:

By Train

Travelers can conveniently reach the Paris Pantheon area by train via Line B. 

The nearest train stop to this iconic location is the Luxembourg Station.

It provides easy access to those using the city’s efficient train network.

By Metro

Exploring the Paris Pantheon vicinity is a breeze with the city’s well-connected metro system. 

Line no. 10 and Line no. 7 both serve this area, with the Cardinal-Lemoine metro station being the closest stop.

By Bus

For those who prefer bus travel, several routes are available to reach the Pantheon, Lycée Henri IV, and Cardinal Lemoine-Monge bus stops. 

Bus lines 21, 27, 83, 84, 85, and 89 offer convenient options for visitors.

By Car

If you’re driving to the Paris Pantheon, there’s a route via Boulevard Saint-Michel Street and rue Soufflot Street. 

While parking in the heart of the city can be a challenge, a parking lot is just a 5-minute walk (317 meters) away from this historic site.

It is a suitable option for motorists.

How to reach Paris Pantheon – FAQs

Which metro stop to Pantheon Paris?

The Panthéon in Paris is easily accessible via the metro system. 

You should take Line 10, and the metro stop closest to the Panthéon is appropriately named “Panthéon.”

What is the nearest tube to the Pantheon?

The nearest tube or metro station to the Panthéon is “Panthéon” on Line 10.

How far is Pantheon from the train station?

The distance between the Panthéon and the nearest train station, Luxembourg Station, is relatively short. 

It’s a convenient option for those arriving by train.

What is the easiest way to get to the Pantheon?

The easiest way to reach the Panthéon is by taking Line 10 of the metro and disembarking at the “Panthéon” metro station. 

This straightforward route ensures a hassle-free journey to this historic monument.

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