Paris Pantheon Entry Ticket and Self-Guided Tour

The Pantheon Paris tickets are your key to a day of witnessing artistic marveling and a visit to the tombs of some of the most significant people in French history.

The Paris Pantheon tickets and self-guided tour are the best way to explore the Pantheon.

Visitors get a chance to see the final resting place of crucial figures from various walks of life.

See the tombs of scientists and researchers like Madam Marie Curie, novelists and journalists like Emile Zola, and philosophers and writers like Jean Jacques Rousseau.

Skip-the-line helps you get inside the Pantheon without delay, granting you priority access without wasting time in the long queues.

The self-guided tour lasts around 45 to 50 minutes and helps you learn essential facts about the Pantheon and 70 figures resting peacefully in the Pantheon.

Ticket Includes

The Pantheon Paris tickets include the following:

  • Self-guided tour of the Paris Pantheon
  • Information Booklet that is available online or at the Pantheon’s entrance
  • Paris Pantheon tickets that can be used on any day of the week and at any time

Please note that a guided tour is also available every afternoon but is subject to availability.

Ticket Prices

The Pantheon Paris ticket for visitors above 18 years costs €13.

Visitors below 18 years old can visit the Paris Pantheon for free. 

The Pantheon Paris tickets are also free for EU citizens aged less than 26 years old.

Adult ticket (18+ years) €13
Child ticket (up to 18 years) Free Entry
EU Citizens aged less than 26Free Entry

Ticket Highlights

Here are the highlights of the Pantheon Paris tickets:

  • Skip-the-line Pantheon Paris tickets that get you into the Pantheon without any delay
  • Guests can comfortably explore the Pantheon with these Pantheon Paris tickets at their own pace
  • Visitors get to see the final resting place of over 70 significant figures from French History. 
  • Learn vital information about these figures and the Pantheon with the help of audio guides. 

FAQs about Pantheon Tickets Paris

1. Do you need tickets for Pantheon Paris?

Adult visitors (18+ years) need a valid Pantheon Paris ticket to enter the Pantheon.

Guests under 18, disabled visitors and their caregivers, and job seekers do not need a ticket to enter the Pantheon.

2. Is Pantheon Paris entry free?

The Pantheon Paris entry is free on the first Sunday of January, February, March, November, December, and European Heritage Days.

The European Heritage Days are the third weekend of September every year.

3. Is it worth entering the Pantheon Paris?

The Paris Pantheon is worth visiting for several reasons.

Apart from its history, the Pantheon is also the final resting place of several important figures from French history.

4. What are the Pantheon Paris ticket prices?

The Pantheon Paris tickets cost €13 for visitors over 18 years old.

5. Is the child’s ticket for the Pantheon Paris free?

Children and visitors less than 18 years old do not need Pantheon Paris tickets to enter the attraction, and their entry to the Pantheon is free.

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